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Supply Crate – Alan

Alan requested a Supply Crate because he remembered how much gaming helped him while deployed in Iraq and wanted a new console to capture that feeling again.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, my battle buddy and I had our share of unforgettable moments while standing guard on the towers. One particular memory still cracks me up to this day. In the crazy heat of the desert, we would take turns watching and protecting the perimeter. We are there for long period of time. So, whenever one of us needed a break, we’d do something that might think is nerdy or funny I hide behind sandbags and unleash the power of our secret weapon, a Game Boy Advance SP! My favorite game was Street Fighter Alpha. Playing Street Fighter Alpha wasn’t just about entertainment, it became a powerful link to our past lives. It reminded us of lazy afternoons spent with friends, huddled around a console, engaging in friendly competition. It was a small but important escape from the difficult situations we faced.

The Game Boy while deployed out in a combat zone is something our founder, Stack Up Executive Director Stephen Machuga can certainly relate to. It's part of why he started Stack Up. He understood how much something as simple as a gaming care package could do wonders for our actively deployed Military members and Veterans. We shipped Alan a new console and he sent us a reply.

Thanks you so much for the package. I can’t wait to play specially after coming from work. This would be a great way for me to relax and connect with my other veteran friends that love video games. Thank you to Vannessa_Lopez_Official. I followed her twitch channel and now it makes me want to stream my games using this PS5. I wish everyone’s safety specially for my brothers and sisters that are serving and in combat zone.

Get gaming, Alan.

Vanessa_Lopez_Official sponsored Alan's Supply Crate. She's a DJ, Gamer, and Model who streams on Twitch. We thank her and all who donated to her fundraising drive for Stack Up.

We make fundraising with Stack Up easy through our DonorDrive page and our Influencer Relations Team who are ready to guide fundraisers and answer any questions they may have. Want to get in on the action and support Stack Up's mission? Hit the button below and sign up to fundraise on the Stack Up DonorDrive page.

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