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Supply Crate - Adrian

November starts Tuesday, which means our fall push to meet our $600,000 fundraising goal is on!

Before we get into that, let's talk Supply Crate updates. Today we update you on Adrian, who served in the Army. As he told us in his request:

I love playing games especially Dynasty Warriors and Yakuza games. first let me tell you a little something about SGT. Strozier (retired) served 11yrs in the Army. Was actually trying to make a career of it. And honestly it was the only thing I was really good at. After a tour or two I was diagnosed with bipolar II (2016). Once I was diagnosed my unit tried to work with me but my condition got worse and had no choice to release me with honorable discharge. I would like to say it was smooth sailing but it wasn't. I had to fight for my disability for almost two years....eventually I got my full disability. After that I moved to Las Vegas and finally married my best Vegas I know classic haha. But we are just starting out with a new chapter of our lives. While I still love games especially Dynasty Warriors and Yakuza games. But unfortunately don't have the spare cash to spend on a console.

It can be difficult post-service to find the funds to get a new console which is where we come in. We help deserving Veterans who may be struggling to enjoy something they love, which is what makes our Supply Crates program well worth the investment. Adrian received his crate and sent us a message in return:

I'm so very thankful for Stack up and everyone who is helping to make programs like this happen.

We're glad Adrian reached out! And yes, thank you to everyone who continues to support us.

The ever-awesome EasternMediaGG community has supported us for a while now, and we're very grateful for their support. If you're interested in learning more about them, check out their website and twitch channel.

We only have two more months left in the year to make it to $600k and continue our programs at our current capacity. Whether you're looking to support us as we continue to serve Veterans and Active Duty Military members through our peer-to-peer support program, StOP or help us supply another crate of console and games to a Veteran in need, hit the button below to start a DonorDrive page or donate to someone else's fundraiser.

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