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Supply Crate – Aaron

Aaron's wife requested a Supply Crate for him because he sold his console to get Christmas gifts for his children:

This is for my husband, he is a 100% disabled veteran, a full time student, a hard worker at his job, and a father of four and soon to be 5 all under 8 years old. He also coaches all of our kids sports teams, and is always helping homeless veterans locate places to help them get the benefits they deserve. 2 years ago when we had our 4th child, he sold his PS4 to help pay for Christmas for our kids. His gaming was his only escape outside of doing for us. Lately I’ve seen his PTSD getting the best of him. He has lots of rages where he used to be able to play his games now is filled with a void. I went on to buy him one but they are all sold out - or way to expensive. I saw this and figured if anyone deserves this, he does. Please select him for a supply package, it may just possibly save him from himself.

Sometimes all the responsibilities we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis beat us down. Those with mental health issues often have to try to get through the day while also dealing with symptoms of stuff like PTSD. Having an escape through gaming can provide relief, as Aaron's wife recognized.

Hi Ian and Stack Up,
My name is Aaron as you know, my wife just surprised me with the xbox, games, and what not that y'all at stack up sent. Man, it brought tears to my eyes. Honestly, it goes beyond what I needed right now.
First, I have been having a hard time with not having me time lately.. I don’t have an escape from reality
Or the many responsibilities I have. I have been so devoted to going to school, being the best father I can be to my kids (the 5th just arriving in January), being vice president of the Bridesburg Home and School, coaching, and all the other stuff that I do in the community that I have forgotten that I need to set aside time for myself as well. It was starting to affect my morale, my relationship, and I was starting to burn out.
I use to game all the time, it was my escape, a place to go to unload, not be myself momentarily and just do whatever I felt like. Not having it as an escape made my stress level go through the roof. Since receiving this care package I have been on merking again in COD and FortNite and I have felt stress melt like butter. Just being able to play is amazing, but then the fun and happiness that it brings me and my family being able to play together makes it all the better! It has given me an outlet again to take my frustration and stress out on. (Putting noobs in their place lol)
People don’t realize the therapeutic value that gaming can have on people, especially prior service individuals. I’m looking forward to reaching out to my old service pals and re-joining KSI gaming to compete in COD again. I closed off alot lately and this has opened me up to being able to reach out to other vets that I haven't been able to talk with in a while. I couldn’t be more grateful, thank you so much! My kids and I are bonding so much more now as well, its so cool to be teaching them how to troll on here and watching my 4 year old squat over someone and take a dump on them after head shotting them. Lol Brings back memories to my youth. Again thank you StackUp and thank you AODClanStream, yall are the best!
Thanks for having my six,

Thanks for your response Aaron, especially in how much detail you went into on how gaming helps you. Not only do games help with an escape, they can help us bond with others.

Clan AOD sponsored Aaron's Supply Crate. They've been great supporters of Stack Up for a while. They're dedicated to building a community of gamers focused on playing an assortment of games. Check them out on their website.

Know a community of gamers looking to do something good for Veterans Day? Let them know about us! We're trying to hit $600k by the end of the year. Hit the button below to check out where we are at on our goal.

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