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star crusade helps kick off call arms

Star Crusade

This past Saturday was our official Call To Arms kick-off weekend! Call to Arms is Stack-Up’s year round drive to help us fund our video gaming programs, whether it’s sending giant supply crates full of gaming consoles to an Infantry company in Afghanistan, flying deserving veterans to E3 or a Penny Arcade Expo, or even helping out local Stacks do on-base events for families of deployed service members.

To get us started we sat down to have a chat with Alex the First Officer of Star Crusade a new CCG that focuses on fast-paced action, with accessible strategic combat and countless card and deck combinations as well as unique faction-specific tactics! Using a unique Sci-Fi setting, with a rich and deeply styled universe, Star Crusade puts you in command of one of the six factions in an epic struggle to control an exotic sector of space.

Give a watch as Stack-Up director Kevin sits down to play and chat with Alex all about Star Crusade as well as sharing the missions of Stack-Up


Join us next Saturday, May 14th for our official Call To Arms makeup day. Alex will once again be joining us for some Star Crusade action and we look forward to learning more about the game! Go ahead and check them out for free on Steam!

If you want to know more about Call To Arms and how you can #StackUp to help support the troops through the awesome power of gaming click on the image below. You will find info on how to setup your own Call To Arms fundraising page as well as donation links to be able to support favorite streamer or team!

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