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Schell Games

Next Thursday, May 12th the Pittsburgh Stack will roll out for an evening of gaming fun and knowledge. The developers at Schell Games are opening their studio to the public for an open house and the Pittsburgh Stack will be on hand to see what it is all about.

The evening promises a Q&A session with members of the Schell Games team as well as a chance to demo some of their games. Team Members will also be on hand for one on one discussions about Schell games and what it takes to innovate within the game industry.

Some of the games Schell Games have previously worked on include the fun retro styled Orion Trail. Following in the steps of classics like Oregon Trail, this game takes the humour to a whole new level, just watch out for Space Dysentery.

Orion Trail

They are also currently working on the VR title I Expect You to Die. This is a spy thriller title that was available to be demoed at PAX East. The level of immersivness is astounding in this game, you really feel like you are living out a spy fantasy.

I Expect You to Die

Of course, the developers at Schell Games have made a lot of amazing titles over the years and these are just a few of them. The folks of the Pittsburgh Stack are looking forward to getting a behind the scenes look at how a game studio works and the magic behind our games.

If you are going to be in the Pittsburgh area you can find more information about the Schell Games open house here:

If you are interested in joining Stack-Up in the Burgh check out this link to the Pittsburgh Stack and we can get you squared away.

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