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stack up this holiday season

The holiday season is upon us. There is no escaping it. Thanksgiving is past, the pumpkin pie has been eaten, the wishbone broken and the parade balloons deflated. For the next month or so the malls will be crowded, the TV will echo with the sounds of holiday specials, and the night will be lit with brightly colored lights all in celebration of the season.


It can be hard to remember the things that truly matter in the hustle and bustle of all the merriment that distracts us. One story always helps me focus on the why of the season.

You see for me there is one thing that encapsulates the season, regardless of one’s beliefs, Good Will To All. Now more than any other time it is important to remember that we are all on this pale blue dot together, and we need to look out for each other. The season may be just an excuse, but I like to think there is a little magic in the air that makes it just a bit easier.

This brings me back to the story I mentioned. You may have heard of the World War One truce of 1914. The story, as it goes, is that the allied troops huddled in the trenches on Christmas Eve, heard the sound of singing from the German lines. It was soon recognized as a Christmas carol and the allies joined in, singing along with their enemies across the way.


What happened next is what is truly amazing. In the space between the trenches, the “no man’s land” soldiers from both sides began to gather to exchange small gifts and trade tobacco, sweets, and more. There is even a story of the two opposing forces gathering to play a game of Football. In the middle of the madness, chaos, and terribleness of war a brief respite was had. A game was played, an attempt at normalcy, a bit of home right in the middle of the trenches.

Perhaps, like I mentioned before the season was just an excuse, a reason to come together in the middle of so much ugliness, to spread some of that “Good Will To All.” In the end, it doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that for at least a moment, these young men were once again allowed to be the boys that many of them were. They were able to joke and play, and if for just a moment forget everything except, the good will and comradery that was shared that night in 1914.

What does all of this have to do with Stack-Up? For me, I like to think that what we do at Stack-Up means just a bit more around this time of year, when so many are so far from home. I think of the friendship and community that gaming brings me in my life, and want nothing more than to spread that Good Will To All.

It’s not playing Football in the trenches, but if our deployed men and women can find some of the same solace gathered around the glow of a gaming console, then it is the least we can do.

This year after all the amazing deals on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, all the Steam sales, and game bundles, take a moment and remember those who won’t be home and help us spread a bit of Good Will To All. This Tuesday, November 29th is #GivingTuesday a day set aside for charitable donations during the holiday season.

You can support Stack-Up this year with a donation that will help us continue our mission of supporting US, NATO and Australian/New Zealand active duty troops and veterans through the amazing power of gaming.

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Together we can help make deployment during the holiday season and year round a bit better for our troops. We can use gaming at home to help recovering veterans cope with treatment and PTSD. More importantly, we can spread just a bit of that Good Will To All and maybe make a bit of our own holiday magic.

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