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san antonio stacks up with operation homefront

From the San Antonio Stack


On June 3rd, the San Antonio Stack and Operation Homefront came together to host the School’s Out event at the Operation Homefront San Antonio Village for the current military families staying at the village and to celebrate the children of the families’ completion of another school year. Operation Homefront does many amazing things for our nation’s’ service members and one amazing thing is their Villages which are located in San Antonio, San Diego, and Baltimore.


These Villages provide free housing and other needs to the families, while the troops go through their medical boards to be medically retired from their given branch. Together Stack Up and Operation Homefront wanted to provide an escape from their lives to come out and relax as a united military family.

The families that came out were greeted by a video game truck and tasty barbecue prepared by a local charity, Godly Grillers. The biggest hit of the event was the video game truck, as it allowed the families to play family fun games together, like Just Dance. Many of the adults stood and around and bonded over their stories of their troubles and issues, creating a bond that allowed everyone to feel that they were not alone in their own personal fights.


Both Stack Up and Operation Homefront members were there alongside the servicemen and women talking about sharing the connect of family. After everyone ate and shared their stories, Stack Up raffled off a Supply Crate to a well deserving family current staying at the San Antonio Village. The Edwards family were extremely grateful and immediately departed to spend some quality time together gaming.

The event was a blast and Operation Homefront and Stack Up created a partnership that will have an extensive benefit as they are able to help each other in reaching out the local military community to provide care where it is needed. Operation Homefront and Stack Up will continue to have events together and possibly extend the events to their other villages, in hopes that Operation Homefront and Stack Up can spread their passion for our military across the nation.


If you wish to know more about the Stacks and how you can Stack Up in your town hit the link HERE! If you are in the San Antonio region and wish to participate in events like this contact them HERE!

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