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reverse unboxing ep 4

Reverse Unboxing, Ep 4: Tim, 214 Aviation, Afghanistan

With E3 firmly in the rear view mirror, it was important we get back on mission of providing vets with entertainment while they’re deployed in not-so-great places around the world. Our fourth “Reverse Unboxing” video and fourth supply crate, code named GREAT ROAD, is headed to Tim and his crew of Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Blackhawk pilots and maintainers stationed in Afghanistan. Tim writes:

My unit deployed with XXX as a platoon. We are an air medical ambulance platoon AKA (DUSTOFF). In other words we are Medevac. Our soul purpose is to provide medical evacuation and support at a moments notice. With that being said we are on 24 hour shifts some times several days a week. Any time a member of the US military or civilian is injured in combat we are notified and launch our medical helicopters immediately. We are the first responders of the medical world as far as combat injuries go. We fly in Black Hawk helicopters day or night regardless of weather to evacuate the wounded off the battle field. I also forgot to mention we do this unarmed. The pretty little red crosses on our aircraft signify us as an medical aircraft so we are not allowed by the Geneva convention to carry weapons. Regardless of the that we are wiling to go anytime anywhere and anyplace to evacuate wounded personal. Not everyone gets to go home the way they left, but we just try to make sure they get home alive. Anything really would be appreciated. Some of the titles I was asked about would be. Call of duty, Borderlands, Fall out 4, Destiny, Battlefront, and of course sports games like Madden and racing as well.

Unarmed? See, now that’s a different ball game, especially as Taliban and foreign fighters don’t exactly play by the same rule book as we do with the Geneva Convention.

Anyway, we made sure to get this supply crate out to Tim and his team prior to the Stack-Up staff disappearing for Los Angeles for E3, so we’re hoping we see pictures back from him and his crew shortly!

Big thanks to all our supporters and sponsors, including Ubisoft, Humble Bundle, Deep Silver, EA, Microsoft, Game Informer, Turtle Rock Studios, our t-shirt providers at A2Z Emblems from New Jersey. The grand total of this supply crate according to Amazon (I guess not including the box), comes out to a staggering $1701, and couldn’t have happened without all these great folks providing support to us!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets highlighted in one of our videos, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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