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Overwatch Program Expands with World of Warships

Every year, more than 6,000 veterans in the U.S commit suicide.

The great people at World of Warships recently joined efforts with us for Operation Lifeboat. The objective was to raise funds and awareness for 24/7 crisis intervention and peer-to-peer mental health support.

With Operation Lifeboat now complete, we’re happy to share the results: more than 5,000 players participated in the event, and together we raised $151,268 from our campaign (smashing our planned target of $100,000)! Huge shout-outs to everyone who participated and made this possible.

Today is the day we’re taking another huge step forward. Thanks to the amazing efforts of the World of Warships community, we’re proud to announce the launch of the mental health crisis line.

The crisis line will be available 24/7 for anyone seeking help. Both English and Spanish speakers will be available.

Without your tremendous support and contributions, we wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. The many donations from Operation Lifeboat allowed us at Stack Up to hire additional staff members to take care of the mental health crisis line!

How you can help

Our mutual goal is to continue spreading awareness and thus support any veterans and service members who are struggling right now.

If anyone you know is currently battling mental health issues, please provide them with the mental health crisis line Discord Link or check out our Overwatch Program page for more intel.

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