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overwatch first week

The day has finally come, Blizzard has released and finally opened it’s Overwatch servers. Blizzard originally announced this game at Blizzcon two years ago, which expanded their games into a new genre for them. This is their first hack at a First Person Shooter (FPS) and they have done a solid job from cinematic to level design and as always full detail in all of their operations.

Play List

Overwatch has several different game modes to choose from in the Play menu. Currently, there are four to choose from currently consisting of Quick play, Play vs. AI, Custom Game, and Arcade. There will be a fifth game mode introduced in the future called Ranked Play, this was used during beta and will be back soon. This week’s Arcade mode is also known as the “Weekly Brawl” and this week has some pretty unique rules for combatants listed below

200% Health

  1. 150% Ultimate Gain Rate

  2. 75% Faster Ability Cooldowns

  3. Maps: Dorado, Hollywood, King’s Row, Numbani, Route 66, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

For every match you complete, your account will gain experience, with the experience you will rank up in levels. Ever level up that occurs will be rewarded with a loot box containing four random items that unlocks the items in the Hero Gallery. Not all rewards can be unlocked this way, there are some that get unlocked via achievements. That being said browse through the hero gallery to see all of your favorite hero’s unlockables.


Each hero has at least 54 items to be unlocked so it may take people a while to collect them all. There are plenty of ways to play as well as a bunch of different game modes that are all randomized (unless custom game is selected). From what I can tell so far is that teamwork is huge in this game and so is communication, so if you are a single player feel free to check out Overwatch LFT to find your potential teammates.

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