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lootcrate unboxing pax west 2016

Halo Lootcrate Unboxing at PAX West 2016


This past PAX West in the lovely city of Seattle we gathered some amazing veterans together for a great weekend of fun gaming action. One of the highlights was the Halo Lootcrate unboxing that features our own Kevin Wallace with Air Assault Kadex Gaming diving into all the Halo Goodies. Give the video a watch below!

We want to thank the folks at Lootcrate for Stacking Up and providing the crate to make this video happen. Since most of our Air Assault gathered were big Halo fans the contents of the crate were divided, after a lengthy discussion, among the troops in attendance. In the end, everyone took home a little piece of this crate to remember their times with Stack Up at PAX west!

If you know a deserving veteran who is also a gamer make sure to let us know by nominating them to be an Air Assault at this link HERE. Who knows, someone you know just might be with us at our next gaming industry event!

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