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indie box puts foot mouth indie socks

We took a walk in our plain ole socks

To see what was going on with our friends from IndieBox

Low and behold we knit our brow

As we wondered, “What are they up to now?!?!”

Something was afoot on our good friends’ site

“Look! Red socks, blue socks..what a delight!”

Overjoyed, I clicked to buy and then

What a surprise should await me again!

My feet will be covered (can’t do that with a box!)

And I could support Stack-Up with my purchase of socks!

Our friends and supporters over at IndieBox are kicking-off a great new idea.  IndieSox!  You can dress your toes in awesomeness with their limited edition of indie game socks.  Play your favorite games while wearing titles such as Nuclear Throne or Super Meat Boy! One of the best parts is that a portion of your purchase will also go to support us. Stack-Up and IndieSox..what a perfect pair!  We are very appreciative for the opportunity to be involved and can’t wait for our fashionable footwear.  Purchase some for yourself and get a free copy of Ultimate Chicken Horse.  Also, consider stocking up on extra sets because what a great way to send some fun to a solider you know overseas!

Game Titles and Indie Developers Available at IndieSox

  1. Axiom Verge – Thomas Happ Games

  2. Crypt of the NecroDancer – Brace Yourself Games

  3. Luftrausers – Vlambeer

  4. Nuclear Throne – Vlambeer

  5. Super Meat Boy – Team Meat

  6. Ultimate Chicken Horse – Cleavor Endeavor

It socks to be alone…take this!

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