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Hype: Atmospheric 3D Adventure Omno gets an exhilarating new trailer

By: Roberto Nieves

Life is about adventure, and while it has been quite difficult to go on one during the pandemic, game developer Jonas Manke aka StudioInkyFox, is preparing a charming and wonderful journey of discovering for players this Summer. Omno was unveiled during the Guerilla Collective Presentation, and the adventure is coming sooner than you think.

The news is accompanied by a trailer that unveils a simple soft, yet combined, and blended world of smooth polygons, with stage environments and stranger creatures. In this world, there is life, there is a mystery, and a secret to unlock. The trailer features a charming and whimsical soundtrack and a young being exploring the various parts of the world. There are stone structures as tall as skyscrapers, mysterious creatures resembling dragons, and small beads of energy that float and bind with the various creatures. The trailer demonstrates a variety of breathtaking moments, from flying with alien birds to riding the back of a dragon to flying through stone rings, in what could be an unintentional nod to Superman 64. It concludes with a jaw-dropping moment of the character using a "warp" feature to transport across a great distance.

Omno is a story of discovery and light in the darkness, where the player utilizes a mysterious staff to unlock the secrets of the world. The developer, Jonas Manke, has worked as a freelance animator for the past ten years, which includes various video games projects, and most recently, State of Decay for Xbox One and PC. Omno marks the very first gaming debut for Jonas Marke.

There has been an increase in the rise of smaller, simpler, but nonetheless breathtaking games. Titles such as Coffee Talk, Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, What Comes After, and VA11-HALLA are just an assortment of games that may not have the deepest systems or even the longest lengths but are extremely remarkable in their ability to project and create emotional feedback to players that is genuine, authentic, and profound. In particular, I finished VA11-HALLA last year, as the world was essentially burning, and came away with life-changing positivity that still resonates. Recently, my time with What Comes After while short reminded me of the importance of life, even when the urge to give up lingers. Omno looks to be in a similar vein with its intriguing, cinematic-quality visuals and focus on exploration instead of combat. Omno is shaping to be a solid adventure this summer, and with the game arriving on multiple platforms, Omno looks to make a significant impact.

Omno arrives this Summer 2021 for PS4, Xbox Games Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Wishlist it now on Steam.

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