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first stack reverse unboxing video

Personally, I’ve been doing supply crates for a long time now. Six years of crates full of games and goodies going to various foreign places around the world supporting veterans. And I would usually (time permitting) write a blog post about where the crate is going, who it’s going to, and all the details in between.

The very first supply crate recipients, all the way from back in 2010.

But six years of writing up the same-old-same-old later, and I wanted to do something a little different this time around. My wife, who had never heard or seen an “unboxing video” in her entire life, was shocked to see that people by the millions will sit there and watch a middle aged woman open up boxes of children’s toys and detail the items found inside. She happened to say something of the effect “This is kind of what you do for troops with your supply crates, but in reverse!”

And thusly, the “Reverse Unboxing” was born. Once a week (or time permitting), we’ll be recording the creation of another supply crate going to a deserving unit deployed overseas or helping veterans stateside. We’re still hammering out the details as this is a new way to display some of the good work we’re doing on a more regular basis, so please bare with us.

For our first crate, it’s going to Adam stationed at Kandahar Air Field (pictured above) in Afghanistan with his unit; he writes:

Hey y’all !

My name’s Adam XXX, and I’m currently with a financial unit stationed on KAF (Kandahar Air Field). We have been here a little while now and its not that morale is low, its just that I feel like we could all use a little something to keep the days from feeling like they drag on and on as they do now with the same old routine.  The USO here is pretty awesome but most of the games they have are a little dated with the Xbox 360 they have. I read about Stack-Up and was blown away with what you all do and I would just like to say thank you. It means the world when the guys receive just simple mail. Now receiving games and consoles that must be something else! I know there’s a few of us here who have been wanting to play the new Tom Clancy ” The Division ” on the Xbox One. Worst part is when we left on Super Bowl Sunday (That blows right ?) and DENVER WON (Even Worse since were from Colorado and couldn’t be there to celebrate). We saw a few commercials at the airports about the game and were so pumped for it. But realized we would be here. If we qualify for the Supply Crate Request I know that would be amazing for all our guys to take part in during the little down time we have. If not I just want to say thanks again for all that you do !

And so, without further ado, our first ever “reverse unboxing” video, for Adam at Kandahar Air Field!

If you’d like to help us fill these crates up with awesome stuff, here’s where you can go to send your lightly used games and gear or even a donation to help us fund out items on wish lists! Thanks!

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