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e3 air assault roll call


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 is nearly up us and we are gearing up and getting ready to roll out but we are not going alone. As we descend upon LA for a week long extravaganza of all things video games we have a few special guests coming along for the ride our E3 2016 Air Assaults.

We are proud to be able to give back to desrving venerans through our Air Assault program in which we hand-pick deserving veterans and pay for them to attend life-changing video game and geek culture events, whether it be a Comic-Con, an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), a Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) or even a game developer studio tour. With the help of our local Stacks providing support, we make sure those veterans have a weekend that they will never forget!

Joining us for E3 2016 are two of the best, that not only exemplify service, duty, and honor but are also rabid fans of video games.


SSgt Omar Milan is a retired Marine and a 100% disabled veteran. While conducting a post-blast analysis in Afghanistan, Omar was wounded by an enemy Improvised Explosive Device (IED.) The explosion resulted in the loss of his right leg as well as severe trauma to other parts of his body.

After recovering from his injuries, Omar retired to his home state of Texas with his wife and two daughters. He works with non-profit charities to help other veterans, and he enjoys wood-working and video games in his downtime.

Humble and kind-hearted, Omar is the type of person who would give the shirt off his back to help others. That, coupled with his love of video games, made him a perfect candidate for our Air Assault program.


Sgt Matt Schaeffer is a Marine Veteran and self-described “video game nerd.” During a non-combat operation in Cambodia, Matt’s quick-thinking and resourcefulness saved lives when the detonation of explosive ordnance injured him and gravely wounded two of his teammates. Without regard for his own injuries, he addressed his teammates’ wounds while waiting for med-evac to arrive.

Since his exit from active duty, Matt has been pursuing a computer-engineering degree in his home-state of Maine. It’s easy for stories like Matt’s to fly under the radar for most because it doesn’t involve combat and purple-hearts, he simply completed his service honorably and moved on to new opportunities. It was a no-brainer for us to surprise Matt with an invitation to E3 as an Air Assault recipient.


We are looking forward to spending time with these amazing people and thanking them for their service. We hope they enjoy E3 as it is certainly an epicenter of video game culture and an experience like no other.

Stand by as we will have details of the trip after the convention this June 14th through the 16th.

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