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deadrising 4 leaked posters gameplay images shown

You can tell we’re inching closer and closer to E3 as people fail to plug the leaks. Chief among them is Capcom’s DeadRising franchise, which looks to be getting its fourth entry revealed at E3 2016. DeadRising 4 doesn’t have any details going for it yet, but based on the leaked material, we’ve got someone looking a lot like the first game’s protagonist, Frank West.

DeadRising4Two copy


DeadRising’s been a steady Capcom franchise in the last decade, starting as a huge, sprawling example of what the Xbox 360 could do. Looking back, it’s a little more dated than we’d like to imagine, but the series has pressed on. It’s been reported that DeadRising 4 has some exclusivity deal going for it. Given that most of its predecessors have a history with Microsoft and Xbox, it’s not a stretch to see this game hit Xbox Ones and PCs in the near future.

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