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Supply Crate – Alejandro

Mask up!

As long as we have people to provide for, these Supply Crate Updates will keep coming. Today's report is about Alejandro and his unit stationed overseas. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult at home, it is hard on our active-duty military overseas, who have been losing access to much-needed recreational and welfare activities. Alejandro told us a bit about what his unit has been dealing with in his request below:

For my group we are a young "maybe not me" but we have a lot of 1st timer in a combat zone. Our mission is postal and our job is to make other soldiers happy by manning the Post Office or going to those bases were they don't have one and set up a mobile APO for them. Me personally this is deployment #4. I did 2 Iraq 06/07 - 09/10 and Kuwait 18-19. I came in for the soldiers , we have about 4 that deployed last time to Kuwait and they asked me to come so I did. Little did I know this deployment was the way this one is. Deploying during Covid ain't no fun. We have no MWR and USO is virtual. I get no salsa night. But seriously the soldiers here are working hard and they deserve some joy.

No salsa night? Well, we can't replace salsa nights, but we can send out a console and some games to play instead. The crate got to Alejandro's unit on New Year's Eve, reigning in the New Year with some cheer.

We are happy to let you know that 442 AG Co received their supply crate!
Definitely wasn’t expecting all that, Thank you!
Everybody is excited, the soldiers that are doing rodeos "mobile post offices for smaller fobs that don’t have a post office" all over Afghanistan have a playing spot when they come back to base and decompress.
It came the 31st so that was a great ending to a crappy year!
Thank you!

This crate got out to Alejandro's crew overseas with the sponsorship of Mike_and_chill. Be sure to give him a follow or show him some appreciation for his efforts.

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