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armored warfare obsidian entertainment and my com support stack up org

Stack-Up is very excited to be working with Obsidian Entertainment and who have begun their support for us in a huge way! On Friday, January 29th, they hosted a 24-hour marathon live stream with and Obsidian staff as well as streamers from the Armored Warfare community. Several Stack-Up members stopped by the stream to hang out and had a blast watching the support for what we do. The streamers did an awesome job of promoting SU and spreading the word of our mission to their audience. Thank you to all those involved for the fun and support through gaming!

Another way Obsidian is supporting us at Stack-Up is through their game Armored Warfare. For each person to sign up for the game through this link, a $3 donation will be made to Stack-Up.Org. What a great way to help donate to Stack-Up and get a great game!

We are very grateful for both of these events and the heart to help troops and veterans through gaming. Stack-Up is looking forward to working with Obsidian and in the future.

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