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Air Assaults – Stacking Up to Squad Up!

Air Assault

We have a special trip up next for our Air Assault program. This time we are teaming up with the folks behind SQUAD to bring a new type of experience to a couple of amazing Veterans!

This weekend, we will be sending two Veterans up to Vancouver to meet the developers of SQUAD and to participate in an awesome Motion Capture Session! Being as this is such a hands-on mission with the folks at SQUAD we made sure to find some real fans of the game to fill out the roster for this Air Assault trip.

Eagle-eyed internet memers may recognize one of our Air Assaults from his rather famous photo, which you can read more about HERE. The other veteran to join us comes all the way from Down Under and the Australian Defense Force. Take a moment and read below to learn a bit about these two awesome Veterans that will be joining us in Vancouver!


William Olas Bee Favorite Video Game Franchises/Studios/Publishers: Squad, Arma 3, Battlefield 4 Favorite Twitch Streamers: Karmakut, DevilDog Gamer

Air Assault

Joined the USMC as a 0311 (Infantryman) in June of 2000. 9/11 happened during my first pre-deployment leave with 3rd bn 6th Reg, deployed 7 days later, was one of the first infantry units on the ground in Afghanistan. Redeployed to the Embassy in Kabul in 2002. In 2003 I deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to work on the fence line.

From 2004-2007 I served as a recruiter in Johnstown, PA (same area Flight 93 went down in). Following recruiting I was sent to 1st Bn 6th Reg to act as a squad leader. In 2008 we conducted Operation Asada Wosa, the Battle for Garmsir in Helmand province.

Redeployed in 2010 to Helmand province for Operation Moshtarak, a.k.a. The Battle for Marjah, where I was wounded along with most of my squad. Worked at Field Medical Training Battalion until 2013 training Navy Corpsmen to work with Marines, until I got out in 2013.

Since my time out, I have worked with Marines and Sailors by teaching them about their VA benefits and helping them apply as they transition out of service. Gaming gives me the opportunity to talk with some of my friends I served with while helping me to focus on something other than my issues. It also helps me bond with my son, an avid gamer as well.


Daniel (Harry) Holcroft Favorite Video Game Franchises/Studios/Publishers: Squad and Escape from Tarkov are my jam these days. ARMA3 used to be up there too, but I find that I have more fun on Squad and EFT and they scratch all my itches. Favorite Twitch Streamers: CowboyChuck, DeadlySlob, DesmoLocke, Pcat101, RussUK, basically anyone who streams what I enjoy playing and who is enjoyable to watch.

I joined the Australian Defence Force as a rifleman (Infantry) in 2004 and served for a decade. During that time, I deployed to Iraq (Baghdad) in 2005, Timor Leste (Peacekeeping) in 2006 and, Afghanistan (Uruzgan Province) in 2010.

It was on my last deployment that I was WIA and subsequently medically discharged. Upon separation, I moved to Canada for a change and to find myself again, and since, I’ve made myself a home here.

PC gaming helped me adjust to my new home by getting me in contact with like-minded individuals, where I could shoot-the-shit and unwind when I was having a difficult time in my personal life. As I wanted to be in the Infantry since as long as I can remember, being able to virtually do what I loved helped me keep my identity when I thought it was lost.


Stack Up is honored to be able to give back to these great Veterans through our Air Assault program! We can not thank the folks at SQUAD enough for helping to make this very special and unique mission possible. Make sure to standby after the trip as we will follow up and share the details of the experience.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help us support Veterans through our Air Assault program, or would like to know more about our other programs and how to get involved click on the banner below and Stack Up with us!

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