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On March 10, 2016 the Chicago Stack met up at the Ignite Gaming Lounge in Chicago. The event was a success with good people and good fun while helping our troops. The meet up began with a planning session in the studio to talk about the future ideas and plans for this year for Stack-Up in the Chicagoland area. Events mentioned were C2E2 in late March and the Walker Stalker Convention in May. After that members logged into multiple video games and just had a blast. Street Fighter V, Rocket League, and BroFroce were all in full swing.

Ignite Lounge 1

To say the least, it was a successful and enjoyable meeting. Stack Leader Malcolm Williams and other Chicago Stack members had the chance to meet and engage new people as they came out to support the same mission that Stack-Up believes in wholeheartedly. It was a great opportunity to bond while breaking some polygons and pixels for the good of mankind. The Stack looks forward to seeing who they’ll meet next month. Next month’s meet up games will be The Division, Marvel BattleGrounds, and Quantum Break, if it comes out as planned.

Ignite Lounge Pic

More information on the Stacks and the Chicago Stack can be found at Stack-Up.Org.

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