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The San Antonio Stack is currently a small group with incredible aspirations to grow its membership and begin work that can really impact the extremely large veteran community of San Antonio and surrounding area. The greatest of aspirations always begin with the first step. The first step for the San Antonio Stack was accomplished March 13, 2016, at Buffalo Wild Wings near Lackland Air Force Base. The event was coordinated by Ben Cloutier and Angie Huynh, who recruited several new members at PAX South and wanted to do a meet and greet event in San Antonio to get to know the new members.

During this event, an incredible member surfaced from the group. Matthew Okonski, who is a member of the Air Force and an instructor at Lackland Air Force Base, attended the meet and greet. Ben, Angie, and Matthew began a discussion about the future of the San Antonio Stack and how to accomplish some pretty lofty goals. During this discussion the three of them narrowed down their ideas to settle on a first event that they believe will get them established as a group and draw attention to their cause. They have full confidence that they can run a successful event in the near future.

This idea was born from Matthew strong ties with the Lackland Fischer House, which provides a home away from home for military families during medical crisis. His organization hosts a dinner every couple of months for the families who are staying there. Ben and Angie decided that they would love to attend one of these dinners and assist Matthew’s organization by hosting a gaming event after dinner for those families. The Stack will plan to attend the dinner in April at the Fischer House and will continue to plan future events across San Antonio.

Learn more about the San Antonio Stack or search for a Stack in your local area.

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