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Weekly Bored Room Meeting – 9/20/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of September 20th, 2017!


  1. One Gamer Fund event this weekend, Steam interview tomorrow? Get out there and support our people.

  2. 50 days left to Call to Arms

  3. Prepping for October 7th actual board meeting

  4. Stream, Twitter value (Dead Cells), Twitter

  5. Am being honored by the Sage Foundation

  6. Rated Top Great Non-Profits, let’s keep going!


  1. Call to Arms

  2. LittleSiha

  3. ResurrectionFern

  4. Many many more to come

  5. Scouts Activate!


  1. Dauntless Interview from PAX now Live


  3. TwitchCon Contest winner announced tomorrow


  5. Red Shirt Report and Bored Room meeting is Up on Youtube. Tune in if missed and feel free to comment.


  1. Game Roster for Destiny 2 Raids

  2. Dauntless CB

  3. Looking for another Veteran who plays PUBG all the time for lead


  1. 50 days left to Call to Arms. Stack Leaders, If you have not yet signed up to let us know what you are doing, please do so now.

  2. TwitchCon – October 20th – 22nd If you are attending TwitchCon and would like to volunteer at our booth for any part of the weekend please sign up here and make sure to indicate when you are available.

  3. Stack Events: Queens is stacking up with a table at the farmers market on the 24th, at Cunningham Park.

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