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The Stacks – Stacking Up with Fisher House

From Elvis Walden, Stack Leader Austin and Angie Huynh, Stack Leader San Antonio

The Stacks

One June 10th, Stack-Up was invited to attend a Texas Luau hosted by the Fisher House at Brooke Army Military Medical Center in San Antonio, to celebrate Kindertag and Memorial Day. Members of the San Antonio and Austin chapters of The Stacks were present to show their support and have a little fun.

The Stacks helped organize a video game tournament of Madden on PS4 at Fisher House #4 for some of the older kids. They set up the rules of the contest, sign up, and prizing was donated from Stack-Up (awarding t-shirts to the top two finishers).

The grand prize winner of the video game tournament was also surprised with a tablet and a raffle took place at the end of the event to give away a table full of gifts that were donated to the Fisher House.

Residents, families, friends, and several other organizations including; USAA, Starbucks and Fisher House Volunteers, came together to make the day a memorable one. Other organizations had coloring tables, face painting and craft areas for the younger ones to enjoy themselves. There was live music and entertainment as well as some delicious barbecue, including brisket, ribs, pork, and sausage.

The Austin Stack assisted with clean up, storage, and even helped with the exotic pet show. Fisher House loved all of the support we gave and is looking forward to working with us again in the future.

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