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The Stacks - Stacking Up in Orlando

Soldiers' Angels host a monthly event that distributes food to Veterans in need here in Orlando. Veterans pre-register and line up on the day of the event to receive their free bags of food.

100s of bags of food sit outside, ready to be distributed to those that need them.
Stacking Up with food for the community.

At the event, the Orlando Stack, along with 30+ other volunteers, was able to help prepare bags and pass out approximately 75lbs of groceries to over 200 Veterans and their families that came by vehicle or by foot.

Volunteers wear yellow vests. Some stand under a tent that has Soldiers' Angels written all over it.
Thank you, Soldiers' Angels

Even during a pandemic, our local Stack helps our Veterans get the support they need. This couldn't be possible without volunteers from the community. If you are in the Orlando area and would like to get involved in events like these with our local stack, get in contact here at

A Stack Up volunteer takes a selfie while other volunteers stand in the background.
Hello, hello.

If you are in Orlando and would like to get involved with the Orlando chapter of The Stacks and participate in more events like this, please check out their information HERE. Not in that part of the country? Not a problem! You can find a chapter of The Stacks closest to you HERE and Stack Up with us today!

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