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The Stacks – Schaumburg Stack up Paintball and Meet Up

The Stacks – Schaumburg Stack Up Paintball and Meet Up by Justin McDermott

The First Annual Stack Up Paintball and Meet Up of the Schaumburg chapter of The Stacks was a huge success. We had a multiday event starting Friday until Sunday. The first night was at Level 257 in Schaumburg Illinois. Level 257 is a Pacman themed restaurant and bowling alley where we all met up for the first time. We had people fly all the way into from Georgia to be a part of this and no one had met before in real life before which was cool to see as well. Dinner quickly turned into high stakes arcade Mario Kart. After all the blue and red shells had been fired we left for the night to prepare for Paintball on Saturday.

The Stacks

I would like to send a shout out to Paintball Explosion in West Dundee IL for providing us a great time! We all met up with our assigned referee for the day, got the safety brief and then headed out for our first game. Many of us had never played before and what a thrill it was. Dodging in between bunkers and sliding behind old helicopters made for epic memories. But all must fun must come to an end and boy were we tired! We then headed out for much-needed food and drink at Westwood Tavern in Schaumburg. We capped off the night with some photos and some of us said good bye to new friends we had just met.

Sunday a small group headed into downtown Chicago to tour the world-famous museums. The Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. Housed in the old World’s Fair buildings along the coast, was an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Some of the highlights were the tour of the U-505 German submarine. A captured U-boat brought into a specially built “Sub Pen” sunk into the ground. Walking back in time through the tour reminded us of veterans past and our proud history. The only feedback I received was “Thank you” followed by “When are we doing this again!”. I think all in all it was a success and can’t wait to do it again.

If you want to find out more about the Schaumburg Stack check them out HERE! Not in the area? Check out our other Stack locations and learn how you can Stack-Up HERE!

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