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the stacks houston stacks up at karbach brewery

Written by: Tim “IGXGamingTV” Buchanan

After a few stormy days, it was nice to finally have some sunshine here in Houston. By the afternoon, however, it was hot and steamy and what better way to cool down than to visit a local brewery and have an ice cold beer? For Houston’s May event, that is exactly what we did. The Houston Stack met up and took a tour of the historic Karbach Brewing Company located on Karbach Street in Houston, Texas.

After topping off our beers, we walked over to meet with our tour guide and the other guests. The tour was conducted by our guide, Travis, who we eventually found out was a military veteran himself. Travis, who was in the United States Marine Corps, gave us the necessary safety briefing and guidelines we needed to know before going into the brewery. Donning our safety glasses, we walked into the brewery and Travis began the tour by introducing us to the four main ingredients that are used to make beer.

John, Travis The Tour Guide, and Tim

Moving on, we then learned about the fermenting process, the process where yeast is added and the bi-product alcohol is made. Lastly we found out how the Karbach Brewery packages and ships its thirst-quenching beer all over the Lone Star State. Using German training and brewing standards, Karbach Brewery produces some of the most unique flavors of beer in the State of Texas. In addition to the brewery itself, the company also features a restaurant, store, and the infamous Biergarten.

John and Tim hanging out at the Biergarten picnic area

Needless to say, the tour was very informative and the ice cold beverages provided were also successful in quenching our thirst. The Houston Stack concluded the event by hanging out in the picnic area while enjoying the last little bit of liquid gold in our brand new Karbach glasses. We had a great time at the brewery and look forward to visiting it again. For more information about the Karbarch Brewery and tour hours, you can visit their website at

Tim is the Stack Co-Leader for Houston, Texas and can be found on Twitter at @IGXGamingTV or you can view his Stack-Up bio here.

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