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The Stacks — Boston Stacks Up at the Balance Patch Cafe

Boston Stack Jan Balance Patch Cafe Area

Last weekend, the Boston Stack decided to try something new for a monthly event. With the opening of the Boston area’s first video game cafe, Co-Lead Hyperion organized a get-together for the Stack to get to know the managers, and to have a little gaming fun!

Right across the street from the Babcock Street Green Line stop, the Balance Patch Cafe has over 50 desktops with access to hundreds of single and multiplayer titles from Pacman to PUBG. The cafe also has two VR sets, a private game room for special events, two projectors broadcasting esports and gamer news, and (of course!) a fully-stocked kitchen complete with game-inspired menu names!

Boston Stack Jan Balance Patch Tanner

The Stack members arrived at different times, but by 8:30 the gang was ready to start playing some games! Starting with some Left 4 Dead as a warm-up, the Stack sped through two hours of multiplayer rounds of Overwatch, PUBG, and even a bit of silly Minecraft fun!

Even with the Stack patched into their Discord chat, it was impressive to see how many ways the team could be…ineffective. There were many Leroy Jenkins moments, not to mention some of the Stack members (most notably Stack Lead Tanner Hastings) had never played many of the titles before, and so the team suffered a severe case of noob syndrome. Still, even with the word DEFEAT spelled out more times than the Stack would care to count, the group had a ton of fun playing together for the first time!

Boston Stack Jan Balance Patch Bar

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