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the stacks boston stack checks out the htc vive post event report

The Stacks

Between the massive winter storms this week, the Boston Stack managed to squeeze in a little fun with the Natick Mall’s Microsoft Store. Players and passersby were invited to participate in a competition on the store’s HTC Vive. With two games and six prizes to give away, players had a chance to try out an innovative form of gaming, and win some great gifts in the process–all while learning about Stack-Up and our dedication to helping veterans!

The Stacks

The featured games tested the player’s dexterity and spatial awareness to strike down enemies. In Space Pirate Trainer, the gamer faces off against wave after wave of alien spacecraft. Using a growing variety of weapons and items, the player must shoot, block, and dodge around the enemy before taking three hits of blaster fire. In the Lab Longbow, players must defend their castle against a horde of angry stick figures with nothing but a few traps and a longbow. While there’s only one place that needs defending, you’ll need to aim your shots carefully if you want to keep the castle gates intact.

Both games offered prizes for the top three scores, including a $20 Xbox gift card, a $50 Steam gift card, and a Microsoft VIP pass for an Xbox party for up to 20 guests. With both games available to each participant, players could cash in on two chances to win, and BOY did they win! Relatives of Stack-Up’s very own Robop1g took home the gold in each game: Adam with a score of 1770 in Lab Longbow and Josh with a whopping 11,400 in Space Pirate Trainer!

The incoming storm kept mall traffic down for most of the event, but we still had plenty of chances to chat with onlookers and passing shoppers. Stack Leader Tanner Hastings was happy to speak with anyone drawn to our little table facing the Vive. Our supply of info cards and wristbands continue to dwindle, as people from all around the Boston area learn about our marvelous little charity!

Next month’s Stack plans will focus around PAX East, as we welcome members from around the country for one fantastic weekend. With any luck, our next event won’t have to worry about a blizzard!

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