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The Stacks – Atlanta Gets 10% Happier

Atlanta Chapter of The Stacks 10% Happier Fundraising Event by: James Hills

I invited out several of our VFW, VA, and local Airforce base along with friends, family, and community to come support the 10% Happier Campaign. We had about 20 people in attendance, which is a lot less than we were expecting.

Coincidentally, just up the road, the mayor of Cobb County was recognizing Vietnam War vets which had over 500 people in attendance I’m told from my VFW friends who originally planned to come to our event.

None-the-less we went through and raised a few hundred dollars, and continued to spread the word and raise awareness of Stack-Up and our new Atlanta chapter of The Stacks. One individual in attendance is Ret. Marine Tuddle who is now a small business owner who told me that he will help in the next event, using his personal and professional contacts.

We had a few other veterans who stopped by, such as Ret. Army Raymond who also expressed interest in our next event. I was a one-man show at this event. Because it was such a nice day, we were lucky enough that 10 of my personal friends and business contacts brought out some exotic cars to make the event more of an attraction. The kids loved it!

If you are in Atlanta and would like to get involved with this chapter of The Stacks and participate in more events like this please check out their information HERE. Not in that part of the country, not to worry! You can find a chapter of The Stacks closest to you HERE and Stack Up with us today!

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