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the final station zombies on a train

I’m going to be honest here, I usually don’t care for shooting games, but only because I don’t feel like I am particularly good at them.

That being said, I spent literal hours playing The Final Station last night.

I started by watching the Announcement Trailer and I must say that the people over at tinyBuild did an amazing job piquing my interest. We are shown a train racing through what is certain to be a post-apocalyptic world filled with dilapidated buildings and dark figures that could only really be one thing based on the way they move.


Zombie games are the exception to my overall general dislike of shooters. After all, who doesn’t like slaughtering them?

In The Final Station, your character starts out at a train station and you are charged with exploring the buildings in the area in order to find the code needed to board the train and embark to the next city. Along the way, you will want to pick up ammo, food, med kits, and supplies as they are all extremely vital to your journey. You will also find notes scattered that give vague hints into the lives of the people before disaster struck and others that are just slightly amusing; like a person complaining about the size of a room and having to try to sleep in the office while being able to see their neighbor shower.


Part of what I liked about the game, and what sets it apart from other zombie games of its type, is that it is also a train simulator. Occasionally, you will find and rescue survivors. They live on the train and you are charged with using what you find exploring to ensure that they stay healthy and do not go hungry. Other supplies go towards making sure that your train stays running so that you get to the next destination. This also requires you to adjust settings on the train from time to time.

The controls in The Final Station were easily picked up, but the game itself does require a bit of strategy and forethought, so I liked that it wasn’t just mindless zombie killing. Ammo isn’t exactly plentiful either and some enemies require both melee hits and shots to the head, so you have to be mindful of what you use where so that you don’t run out of ammo when it is nearly impossible to progress without it.


There was also a slight puzzle aspect; like taking a battery to another room in order to power the generator to lower the bridge so that you can get to the next area of the level. This gave the game more bonus points in my book as anything that can occupy my mind for more than a few minutes at a time is a win.

Overall, this is definitely an addictive game and capable of providing hours of entertainment. (I am proof of this.) Even if you don’t necessarily have a thing for zombies or simulators, I would still say it is worth a check out for the fun factor at the very least.

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