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the final station arrives august 20th

Tiny Build Studios is making their presence onto the PlayStation 4 well known. Having a history of making incredibly unique games on Valve’s Steam platform, Tiny Build has brought over games, such as Party Hard, Lovely Planet, No Time To Explain, over to the platform, to critical and commercial acclaim. Earlier today, Tiny Build Studio announced the release date for their newest game, The Final Station, a highly anticipated action and survival game pitting you in a precarious situation.

In the future, a plague has infected and devastated the known world. There are survivors scattered all about the land, currently residing in various train stations along the route. As the chief of this train, your job is to visit each station, collect resources, search for survivors, and avoid being taken down by the infected. You are not a soldier or super-powered being. You are but a chief trying to do good in a world razed into devastation. Your journey will take you to various locations across land, shown in hyper-pixelated illustrations. These stations do contain the threat of infected beings. On the outside, they appear to be normal, but on the inside, a terrifying virus has overcome them. You’ll need to make the difficult choice in defending yourself from being infected yourself. Amongst the survivors of the train, you’ll need to manage your resources to keep you and your train going. Keeping yourself alive is paramount for success, but the survivors matter as their survival will yield a higher chance at rewards and making it to safety.

The Final Station is set to arrive on August 20th on the PSN, with a special launch event set to happen at PAX PRIME in Seattle. You can read our First Look of Final Station written by Blue Rizing right HERE!

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