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Supply Crate – Waters Fine

Its already time to celebrate another successful supply crate mission! It is our honor and privilege that we were able to send a crate to a remarkable Marine named Brandon.

Who is Brandon you ask? Well, why don’t we just ask him:

My name is Brandon and I earned my DD-214 in September of 2009. I served one deployment cruise onboard CVN-71 and three combat deployments with Echo Company 4th Marines. In 2017 after years of personal denial I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and TBI w/migraines which has been a hard pill for me to swallow.

We thank you for your service Brandon, and we know how hard the struggle can be. Now it is time for us to do our part and help you out by sending you some gaming goodies to help make the adjustment a little bit easier.

Once Brandon received his crate, he was ecstatic:

It’s here!!!
Dude this crate is amazing. Way over and beyond.
It’s insane. I’m looking for the shirt you sent me so I can take a picture before I rip into all of it and start playing lol

We are glad to see that you are enjoying your crate Marine, and we hope that it helps your mental health when dealing with your health struggles.

We would also like to thank Lady Aderissa for sponsoring this crate. It is because of special people like you that we can help our veterans like Brandon and keep going about our mission. If you would like to help veterans like Brandon as Aderissa did, then you can nominate a deserving veteran by clicking the link below. It is our privilege to be able to help these veterans in need and we cannot do it without your help so thank you for your continued support.

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