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Supply Crate – Vergia

Welcome to yet another November Supply Crate update in which we update you about a Supply Crate and its recipient. Today's Supply Crate reached Vergia, an active member of the US Army. In her request, Vergia told us:

My name is SSG Farrow and I am an air traffic controller in charge of an airfield management element. The Soldiers (officer and enlisted) assigned to my section are composed equally of personnel who have deployed before as well as first time deployers. With covid restrictions in place, there is a lack of entertainment options outside of our work place. I would like to request a supply crate in order to have a way for my Soldiers to unwind and have some sort of stress relief. I will arrive in country mid April before my personnel.

Covid really has made it difficult for military personnel to pursue fun in their free time. Luckily, we know video games are a great way to unwind without having to go very far.

A fun bit about Vergia, is that she was selected to be an Air Assault for San Diego Comic Con back in 2018. This crate is to benefit her and her unit, so we have no problem getting her a Supply Crate. Once she received the crate she replied:

You guys are the best! Thank you again!!

Thank you again, Vergia. We're glad to help some folks enjoy themselves in these stressful times. KidneyCowboy sponsored Vergia's crate through a really great birthday charity stream. If you are a fan of World of Warships, check him out.

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