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Supply Crate – Tyler

It's the day after Christmas, so we decided to put out a Supply Crate update with something extra in it. Today's update comes from Tyler, who was nominated by a friend he met in Regiment:

I met Tyler through RegimentGG. We immediately had a connection, and have become true friends over the past year. We even traveled together to Loot Fest Las Vegas. Tyler is dedicated to supporting his fellow veterans/active duty service members in any way he can. Whether that be a shoutout on twitter, hanging out in stream chat, or being there for a brother/sister in need. Even though his contract has ended, he still embodies the Army's Core Values of loyalty, duty, respect, personal courage, honor, integrity, and selfless service.

Tyler sounds like a great guy. If you're unaware, Stack Up is partnered with Regiment through Esports. If you're looking for a more competitive gaming group for Veterans and Active Military, join their discord.

Tyler sent us a response to receiving a Supply Crate, including a video below:

Huge thank you again guys! below are some pics and if you want i even uploaded an unboxing to YouTube at the following link. Much love to you guys and to @bunmeiRA. I should be starting my charity drive soon so hopefully others can share the happiness I'm feeling right now!
Tyler "pfc88mike" Smith

BunmeiRA sponsored Tyler's, Supply Crate. If you would like to check BunmeiRA out, here's her Twitch channel.

The end of the year is fast upon us! Which means get those last donations in. Hit the button below to see our progress toward our fundraising goal.

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