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Supply Crate – Trey

Good day to you reading this. Thanks for dropping in and seeing what this is about. If you are already familiar, thanks for being a regular reader of our Supply Crate updates. Today's update comes from Trey, a disabled Veteran seeking a game console to replace his old Xbox. As he told us in his request:

Since becoming permanently disabled last year, I have chosen to relive a lot of my past times in the comfort of my home. During the pandemic I had to sell my Xbox just to get medication for myself. I’m a new streamer on Twitch and this really dampened another social outlet for myself. I live only off my VA disability with my dog and little brother who had to come live with me recently also. I just miss having a safe platform to let out my anger. This would really help me!

Nothing feels better than getting into a game and going beast mode on some baddies on a bad day, so we knew we had to get a console out to Trey. Regardless of what other people say, we know it's a great outlet for intense emotions. After receiving his crate, Trey posted to his Facebook:

(Posted on FB) Thank you to Stack Up for gifting me a PS4 and plenty of games! They are a nonprofit who gift veterans consoles who love to game

Thanks, Trey, for reaching out to us so we could get you a new console!

This Supply Crate was sponsored by SeveredAstronaut. SeveredAstronaut seems to have rebranded and moved over to AstroGGnaut if you're interested in following him. He's a really great guy, so we hope you do!

If you are interested in getting to know Stack Up better and learning about all the ways you can get involved, hit the big red button below.

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