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Supply Crate – Texas Buffalo Soldiers Association

Hello everyone! This is a pretty special crate in that it came from a previous Supply Crate recipient, Clinton. You can read about him and his buddy Rodney and their Supply Crates here. Clinton is with the Texas Buffalo Soldiers Association, a group that works to keep the history of the Buffalo Soldiers alive while also doing some good out there and helping Veterans.

Clinton didn't need to tell us too much about himself in his request; after all, we're pretty familiar with him, and Dave has been keeping in touch. Enjoy all of these wonderful pictures Clinton sent us of his group.

We are a group that tells the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and we also help disabled Veteran with paperwork and applications.

We don't only help individual Veterans and Military units. We're happy to get some Supply Crates out to organizations out there doing good for Veterans and Military service members, whether it's a local Veteran group or your college student Veterans organizations. Be sure to send in applications nominating them if you know of any that could use a console.

This crate was provided to the Texas Buffalo Soldiers Association with the help of Offworld Industries. As we near the end of the year, we look forward to seeing them and others during next year's Call to Arms fundraisers.

Interested in getting involved with Stack Up so that you can be part of a great crew of people looking to make a difference? We have many volunteer opportunities and other ways to help out. Click the red button below to navigate to our How to Help page.

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