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Supply Crate – Clinton and Rodney

We're pretty excited about this one.

Hello everyone. We hope you are all doing well out there. Today's Supply Crate update is a special one. It's a double feature! This crate report is about two buddies, Rodney and Clinton. Rodney and Clinton both requested a crate to play games together. They're both 100% disabled veterans looking to keep up with one another no matter where they are in the world.

Meet Clinton. 22 years of service is pretty impressive.

When requesting his crate, Clinton told us:

I am a 100% disabled veteran with over 22 years of service that has a very good friend SSG(r) Rodney Sparks we would like to game on line together to connect as Troopers

Meet SSG Rodney

And Rodney added this when he requested his:

2 100% disabled veterans living worlds apart that want to keep in touch thru gaming.

Well, we can definitely help with that. Let's get these friends some gaming gear so they can have fun together. After all, what better way to have fun with your friends, whether they're next door or a long drive or a world away than to play video games online together?

Looking great there with all of your online gaming gear, brand new PlayStations, and games. Clinton and Rodney make those Stack Up t-shirts look fantastic. Clinton's reply to receiving his Supply Crate was:

Thanks! You made a Trooper's day.

Meanwhile, Rodney sent us a video that can be seen as part of this video with Clinton. We like videos.

Have fun playing Clinton and Rodney. Thank you for reaching out to Stack Up to get you some gear for gaming together. We enjoyed running this Supply Crate out because there is nothing better than getting to help veterans connect with each other. Community in gaming is one of the things we enjoy most about what we do at Stack Up.

The puppet streamer BennyFits sponsored Rodney's supply crate, and Clinton's sponsor streamer was WintersWolfCry. Thank you to everyone who helped fulfill these troopers' requests.

Have fun gaming!

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