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supply crate surprise twist 4

We just recently got back some photos from one of our Supply Crate shipments. Codenamed SURPRISE TWIST 4, this latest shipment was sent to a group of around thirty Army medical and aviation personnel. The request was spearheaded by CPT Ryan, who wrote to us asking for some gaming gear….


F/7 is a detachment of DUSTOFF Air Ambulance personnel, serving in Afghanistan. The items provided by your organization are a great outlet for the unit as our ready up crews await a MEDEVAC call on a 24 hour shift, or as a way to relax afterwards.


The request may have been brief, but a picture speaks a thousand words. After seeing the pics of these soldiers hungry for some video game action, we here at Stack-Up went to work packing up a crate full of Playstation 4 goodness as that was the console of choice in the request.

After including the console, and of course, some choice titles, we made sure to pack in some high-quality tan Stack-Up “deployment” shirts for the troops.

We’ve had multiple people ask, “Why are the shirts you send in your Supply Crates brown or tan when the shirts that your volunteers wear are red?” Well, you see, military personnel wear a light tan shirt under their uniform as an undershirt. If we sent a bunch of red Stack-Up shirts along with the crate, while we would get some awesome pictures, the soldiers wouldn’t be able to use those shirts on a daily basis as a replacement undershirt (uniformity, and all). Our red shirt would be at the bottom of their duffel bag until the end of their deployment, and what fun is that?

We soon received some great pics and a thank you as well back from the field.



Many thanks from all of us here at JAF DUSTOFF in Afghanistan!  The amount of games and equipment received was a welcome surprise and a true privilege.  Thank you for your selfless acts of kindness and in making the deployment brighter for the entire team.


F Company DET 1



Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Enjoy those games and stay safe out there!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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