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Supply Crate – Spike Trap 6

It's that time again when we check in with one of our Supply Crate deliveries. This request came to us from a Marine named Dave looking to be able to game with his kids. Check out the full request below!

I feel uncomfortable telling people what makes me good candidate but I will tell you about my service. I am a marine, wounded in 2003, I received a  V device for Valor. Before deploying I became an urban warfare instructor, mountain warfare qualified, cold weather survival and WSQ swim qualified, I also loved the Marine Corps and was gonna be lifer but Corps had different ideas.

Now 100% total and permanently disabled with one lung and a bad left side having been rebuilt. I also have a few scars on my face but the girls love it cause looks like a dimple haha. I Have full custody of my three awesome kids all under 10 and my girlfriend and son also are in my life. My oldest suffers from Tourette’s and I suffer from severe PTSD and was suicidal for quite awhile but my children saved my life.

All my children love video games cause their mom has 3 systems and let’s them play on her weekends. I don’t feel I have any special reason I deserve anything but after talking to staff and my brother who still serves they have convinced me to see where it goes. I feel I have brothers and sisters who deserve it more than me but like they said if you can’t do anything you can’t no big deal. Thanks again for even reading. Semper Fi, Sempergumby and all that good stuff.

Well, Dave, not only did we read your request, we were only to happy to help this Veteran get back to gaming with his Children. Thanks to amazing allies like YouTuber/Twitch Streamer PartiallyRoyal and his awesome community we were able to put together a console and a whole lot of gaming goodies to be sent on to Dave and his family!

Dave not only sent back this awesome photo of his kids but also went into some detail on how gaming has helped his son.

Hey just wanted to make sure you got photos, kids are doing awesome and in all seriousness they have already adjusted my son Gavin’s Tourettes meds lower. The games slows his Tourettes by working his brain and motor-functions so they lowered his meds because they would rather him get a half hour of game time instead of a pill that’s not good for his body.

Can’t even explain how happy I am for my son and grateful for you. Me and him have the ability to get therapy and a bit of father son time alone. We spend a ton of time together in the woods and outside but nice to do this in the evenings. Thanks man you not only helped me but help my son. I owe you guys
Thank you again Semper Fi warrior and God bless.

Thank you Dave for your service and your sacrifice! We are glad that the games are providing a positive benefit to your son. We hope they continue to help bring you and yours some well-deserved happiness!

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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