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Supply Crate – Shaun

Hello, there. Call to Arms VI is currently going on strong. As usual, we have your Supply Crate update ready to go for the road. Meet Shaun, a Veteran who requested a crate, telling us the following about himself:

I have severe combat PTSD I was a special forces sniper I served in Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I panic when helicopters fly over to the point of being in the fetal position

Thank you for telling us, Shaun. Some of our Veterans within our community have been there. We hope any of you that find yourselves reliving traumatic events come to our Overwatch Program whenever you need us.

Shaun sent us a lot of great photos in his response to receiving his crate. Be sure to look through them all. He kept it short and sweet when he replied:

Thank you so very much

He may be a man of few words, but we're glad to help all Veterans of whatever word quantity they have. LoadedWombat supported this crate through his Call to Arms fundraising events. You, too, can support a Veteran or Active Duty Military unit by signing up for our Call to Arms.

Oh, look! Volunteer opportunities working with Stack Up. Just navigate to our How to Help page by hitting the big red button.

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