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Supply Crate – Richard

Memorial Day is nearly here! That means the Call to Arms is not only in full swing, but we're seeing several people already hit their goals for a Supply Crate sponsorship. In today's Supply Crate update, Army Veteran Richard has been struggling with his mental health:

I am a veteran who served honorably. I currently suffering from depression, physical ailments, stress and anxiety in the supply crate I believe will be benficial to my well being and allow me to have a sense of belonging in life.

Getting away to the little worlds created by others in video games is such an interesting and wonderful activity. We're glad Richard reached out to us so that we could supply him with a gaming care package.

Thank you so Much This is Richard the game console will help me as a veteran cope with my depression in anxiety and also help me bond closer with my kids giving me a purpose. I will be forever grateful for the game console.

Enjoy gaming with your family, Richard!

Koinwithak, a wonderful member of our Influencer Relations Team, who is also a fun streamer, sponsored Richard's Supply Crate. Her job at Stack Up is to help other content creators set up their fundraisers and more. You can find her on her Twitch channel.

Memorial Day is nigh! You can answer the Call to Arms by signing up to fundraise or donate today!

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