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Supply Crate – Richard

We're keeping today's Supply Crate update short. Today's update went out to Richard, a Marine Veteran.

12 year Marine vet. Three MEU’s with a family of four kids. Battle anxiety and stress.

MEU stands for Marine Expeditionary Unit, for those who don't know. They're often sent out as the first response to a crisis, be it a natural disaster or combat mission. As such, those who served in a MEU have often had fast and quick exposure to high-stress events.

Good evening,
Thank you so much this will hopefully allow me to bond with My kids and some veterans to help walk in the story that has not come and let things know that life is not over.

Glad to help Richard.

This Supply Crate was sponsored by TheJenniffer. Yes, that's with two Fs. Please check her channel out!

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