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Supply Crate – Reeder

Great news! we packed up and sent out another Supply Crate to some troops in need. The latest recipient is Chief Warrant Officer Reeder, who is currently serving deployed in Afghanistan. Enough from us though, we’ll let Reeder tell you why he needed a crate:

We’re an Air Cavalry Apache unit, currently deployed to Afghanistan. We’re looking for a way to help our soldiers’ down time a little more enjoyable. We’re working on setting up a “lounge” for our junior enlisted mechanics, so they have a place to watch movies and play games to decompress after their shifts. The Op tempo is high, and this would be a much appreciated outlet for our soldiers.

We will always be down to help out our brothers serving in the field! you guys want some games for a new lounge? we got your games right here and we are ready to package them together and send them out. Care package incoming!

We have already benefited from the generous donation made to our troop. Thanks again!

We are so glad to hear that our crate is being put to good use. We hope they continue to help you while you are out on deployment and that they help with stress relief and serve as an escape when you need it. We aim to support troops like you whenever we can. Keep up the hard work boys, god bless you all.

This amazing Supply Crate was sponsored by Sgt Tickle. Thank you so much for your patriotic donations, you are helping more people than you know. We are so grateful for your support.

If you would like to help us find some more supply crate candidates then please fill out an application by following the link below. We can’t do this without your help, so become a hero today.

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