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Supply Crate – Raymon

Raymon sent in a nomination for another Veteran and requested a Supply Crate for himself so that they could play together:

I served in Iraq in 2007 as an infantryman with 10th mountain division. I was injured in multiple IED blasts and we even had a mortar hit our tent. Another individual who you guys helped (i nominated him so now im doing it for me too so i can play with him) mortars start dropping and eventually we start getting our stuff on and Brad grabs the Y shape pole that is in the tent that hole em up and he goes "Why are we going to the bunks they'll never hi...."" and BOOM mortar hits our air conditioner. No one seriously injured just some people peppered with gravel but i say that story to say wild times for sure.

You know, it's pretty cool Raymon was looking out for his battle buddy like that. We'd like to see more of that happening because it is even better for mental health when done with friends.

Thank you. Really appreciate it!!

You are very welcome, Raymon!

Andy_Havok sponsored Raymon's Supply Crate. He's changed his name, as you might be able to tell from the Supply Crate thank you, but we have his link right here if you want to check him out. He's recently played Lethal Company and Phasmophobia.

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