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Supply Crate – Rachel

It's February! If you're looking for something good to do this year, why not volunteer with us? We've got plenty of options, whether you want to do good locally or help out right from the comfort of your home. Just hit up our How to Help page to find out how you can get involved.

Now, let's get right into this Supply Crate update. Rachel requested a game console to help her stay connected with friends:

I've found that the majority of my friends post military are from the various gaming communities I've found. I recently lost my ability to play with my communities and it has had a bigger impact than anticipated. I didn't realize how much my participation in those communities meant to me until I couldn't participate anymore and veteran community that I'm part of encouraged me to sign up here.

Sounds like a problem we could easily solve with a new game console, which we sent out to Rachel.

My Stack Up Crate has arrived and the desired photos are attached.
Thank You,

Thanks for the photos, Rachel! Have fun gaming with your communities.

ItachiSusan00 sponsored Rachel's Supply Crate. ItachiSusan00 is an Army Veteran and member of REGIMENT. He raised enough to sponsor a Supply Crate and contributed to REGIMENT's overall fundraising goal. Thanks to ItachiSusan00 and his community for their support. Find him on Twitch or Kick.

It's our time to shine! We're in year 9 of the Call to Arms, and you could be part of it. Hit the button below to get started.

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