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Supply Crate – Quai

If you opened this Supply Crate update to read about one of our recipients, thank you very much for joining us, we hope you enjoy it. Today's video game quote comes from Dragon Age: Origins.

The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment, and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly. – Dragon Age: Origins

We hope that inspires you today. Back to our Supply Crate recipient Quai who served in the Marines. He told us all about why he wanted a Supply Crate and his service in the military in his application:

Hello, my name is Quai. I think a supply crate would really help out my daughter me and my wife have been trying to save up for the holidays but since Covid hit times have been really hard. I’ve just graduated college with my bachelors in criminal justice and I work as well as produce music since I’ve gotten out of the military but it’s still a bit of a struggle. I’ve come a long way since the military I had to heal because I was originally in artillery stationed in 29 palms but I’ve been on deployments to Korea and Japan as well as a couple more locations but there was a training accident in Japan where I tore my Achilles’ tendon it took over a year to heal while I was still in but it wasn’t healing fast enough so I was medically discharged and it’s been a journey ever since trying to get my full strength back I feel like I’ve finally gotten back to normal but I don’t feel as accomplished as I should maybe because I want to help provide more for my family and I truly believe this supply crate will help with that. Thank you for listening to my story Sincerely Quai from 3/11

That sounds really rough. Many of us Vets who get medically discharged can often feel as if we lost time to accomplish something while we heal. We want you to know that you don't have to rush to meet certain accomplishments and to take that time to heal.

That said, we're happy to help a Veteran seeking a console, especially if they're having difficulty saving up for one. We packed out a crate for Quai to enjoy and shipped it off. He sent us the following reply:

I really appreciate everything that you guys have done for me it really means a lot!

Thank you, Quai! We appreciate the reply, and we're glad you reached out so that we could get you a Supply Crate.

SCLeaks sponsored Quai's, Supply Crate. SCLeaks seems to no longer be streaming, but if you happen to know SCLeaks or you happen to be SCLeaks, we thank you for joining in on the Call to Arms.

Thinking about volunteering for Stack Up? We're happy to welcome folks who want to support our mission. Hit the button below to learn more about how you can join in on using gaming to help our Veterans and Active Duty service members.

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