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Supply Crate – Patrick

Today's Supply Crate update came from a Veteran who did a tour in Iraq. Patrick, an Army Veteran, is taking care of his family and hasn't been able to put together the funds to get a new console after selling off some of his old gaming equipment:

I was deployed to Mosul, Iraq in 2007-2008 as a 31B. During that time, I've come to the conclusion that video games would be a part of my life, and I would pursue a career in game development. I went to school at full sail university after I got medically discharged in 2011. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science with a focus in game art. However, since my graduation I have had many financial setbacks which have resulted in me selling most of my gear and equipment just to make ends meet. I have a beautiful wife and a mother in law I take of care, and unfortunately it hinders my finances greatly so I haven't really gotten a chance to save up money to replace my equipment. It's been very difficult with my limitations, and I saw how much your organization helps out those in need. I did try to apply once before but I didn't get any response back, which is understandable I know there are other service members who deserve it more then me. I just want to know if I'm even eligible or should I just stop trying. Im simply just trying to get back on my feet again.

A lot of times, when people apply for a Supply Crate, we have to prioritize people based on urgency, need, and a list of other factors, including whether or not they didn't complete parts of their applications. Make sure when you apply you've filled out everything carefully and sent out a photo of yourself in uniform to the email included in the application. We also have over 500 Supply Crate requests as of writing this, so don't feel too bummed if you don't receive a response anytime soon.

To @AymieCakes and the team at StackUp,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the StackUp supply crate! You can't even imagine how much this means to me and how much I've also been humbled by this amazing gift. Thank you everyone and especially AymieCakes again for this incredible care package, I hope you all flourish and have an outstanding year!

Thank you for the incredibly kind words, Patrick.

AymieCakes sponsored Patrick's gaming care package. Thank you to AymieCakes and her community for supporting our mission! She can be found on Twitch if you are looking for streamers to watch.

Help us make an impact on our over 500 Supply Crate requests by either donating or fundraising to support us. Each Supply Crate costs around $1000 to buy consoles and peripherals and ship out, plus other administrative costs. We've fulfilled over 150 crates this year and need everything we can get to fulfill more.

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