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Supply Crate – Mike

As we step into November and our Call to Arms push for Veterans Day, we want you to really read these Supply Crate stories and understand why we're doing what we do.

Today's update comes from the mother of a nominated Veteran who wanted to get something for her son who lost his brother, who also served, to suicide.

This is for my son. He and my middle son joined the army after 9/11 . Both returned with severe PTSD and TBI. I lost one to his nightmares of war and the other has become a hermit and unable to go out of the house unless no choice. You can verify my both of son's story via New York Times if you google NYT Mike (or Ryan) Yurchison. I am their mother Cheryl DeBow and have tried to bring awareness to veteran suicide. Here is a link about my surviving combat veteran son Mike has lost almost all he served with to suicide. Losing his brother as well has been almost impossible to overcome. Gaming is one of the few things that gives him the smallest bit of peace. I am so grateful for what you do. Thank you so much.

Estimates of the Veterans lost to suicide are around 22-30 a day. Many Veterans come back with PTSD. Some have support; others don't. Some find it harder, too, to go out and make friends and be around people.

This is where gaming and gaming communities come in. When a Veteran holes up inside their home, video games can provide an escape. Whether that's by offering a different world where they can take control of their life in some way or allowing them to play with other gamers in an MMO, compete and interact with people from the safety of their own home, gaming offers plenty to help Veterans like Mike.

We reached out to check on Mike's Supply Crate and whether he received it, and his mom replied:

Yes! He received it last night! He is so excited and grateful! He said he will send me pics to send you asap. He sent me a video of a way game he was playing. I think it helped me understand how gaming can be helpful to certain vets. While it seems bloody and gory to a civilian what the games show is nothing like reality and almost works in a reverse way be desensitizing from bad to good. Hope that made sense. I'm so grateful and he is not only grateful he is feeling better then he had in a long time. I'll be in touch with pics!!!!!!

Interestingly enough, gaming has been found to help Veterans process trauma as well. Hopefully, as Mike enjoys his games, he can process healthily and make some friends along the way.

Today's update was sponsored by HomeSchoolMom. Is this update a tale of the power of moms, or what? Find HomeSchoolMom on Twitch.

Want to get in on the action of supporting Veteran mental health through gaming? Hit the button below to sign up to fundraise or donate to an already-running fundraiser. It's never too late to Stack Up!

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