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Supply Crate – Kyle

Today's Supply Crate update is a little special because it showcases how our connections with other Veteran organizations, such as Regiment, allow us to reach members of their community and benefit them.

Kyle is an Army Veteran who requested a Supply Crate because his Xbox was done for.

Served as an 11B for many years. Was stationed in Germany and Texas. I am an owner of a gaming organization for vets and live helping and giving back. Unfortunately, I am in an issue. My Xbox has officially retired and done and now have nothing or the funds to get anything. I am seeing if y’all can help a brother out and would mean the world. Thank you.

Console death is the worst, and we can help with that. We sent a Supply Crate to him, and Kyle tagged us in the following tweet to show his appreciation!

No problem, Kyle, anything to help a fellow Veteran out.

Regiment sponsored this Supply Crate and if you're not aware, Stack Up partners with Regiment to ensure we can help as many Veterans and Active Duty service members as possible. Be sure to check out their discord.

Are you a member of Regiment? Want to help Stack Up fundraise for other Veterans and Active Duty units? Sign up to fundraise and be sure to join Regiment's DonorDrive fundraising team and contribute to their $100k goal. Hit the Phalanx Coin below to get started.

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