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Supply Crate – Kelton

Today's Supply Crate update came from a member of Regiment who wants to game with the community but hasn't been able to without some gaming gear.

I have been encouraged by the Regiment gaming community to partake in events that invlove gaming as it is a great way for vets and military personnel to connect and help with mental health. It is something that I have been wanting to do, but just don't have the means to fulfill that. Being able to hang out with the guys and game would be beneficial for me and help me get on the road to a better place.

Regiment has been connecting Veterans and Active Duty personnel through gaming and gaming events, including esports. Thanks to them for creating more awareness of Stack Up by partnering up with us. We look forward to helping more individuals from their community in the future.

Receiving this supply crate will help me with my own morale as well as make it possible to connect with my brothers and sisters in the gaming community. Being able to to connect with them helps with a sense of normalcy in the dark times.

Enjoy, Kelton!

Avee_ii sponsored Kelton's Supply Crate. Thank you to Avee_ii and all of their community members who donated to support Stack Up. We hope you'll check out Avee_ii the next time you're looking for content creators to watch on Twitch.

Are you a member of Regiment? They have a fundraising team supporting Stack Up to help us fund our programs supporting Veteran mental health through the power of gaming. Hit the button below to sign up and join the Regiment team. Or start a team of your own.

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